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I am passionate about food and nutrition. I am an educator and a Nutritional Therapist. I love to cook and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy eating no matter what their sensitivities around food may be. Food is as an integral part of our culture and bringing people and community together. It's meant to enjoyed. If I can play a small part in helping others feel more comfortable with their food sensitivities and keep them connected to others, then I've accomplished my purpose in this blog.

Why We Need to Welcome Fat Back into Our Diets

Did you know that healthy fats, including saturated fat found in coconut oil and butter, are actually GOOD and NECESSARY for your body and are actually building blocks for your cell membranes and hormones, including your sex hormones. Fats serve … Continue reading

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Thinking about What You Eat

   The quality of our life can be affected by the food we eat. Food isn’t just a substance that we consume. It feeds our body and is necessary for our livelihood. Are you ingesting quality fresh foods that give … Continue reading

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