It’s that time of year again…strengthen your immune system by taking care of yourself.

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With the coronavirus floating around and cold and flu season just around the corner, it’s important you take extra care of your body so you can stay healthy

1- Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

2- Avoid or minimize intake of sugar and sugary foods. Sugar will actually lower your immunity and does nothing to improve the health of your body, unfortunately.

3- Get plenty of sleep. It’s during your deeper sleeping hours that your body will do it’s work to heal and strengthen itself.

4- Take additional Vitamin C and Vitamin D3. Both are known to strengthen the immune system.

5- Drink lots of water. The body needs water to function adequately. Water is what oil is to a car.

6- Get moving- exercise and get some fresh air.

7-Laugh and be grateful. Both are known to benefit health.

8- Engage with other people creatively and positively. Call up an old friend. Write and send a letter. We are social beings and connecting with others can soothe the soul.

About Rachael Gilchrist

I am passionate about food and nutrition. I am an educator and a Nutritional Therapist. I love to cook and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy eating no matter what their sensitivities around food may be. Food is as an integral part of our culture and bringing people and community together. It's meant to enjoyed. If I can play a small part in helping others feel more comfortable with their food sensitivities and keep them connected to others, then I've accomplished my purpose in this blog.
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